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Temporary prevention measures

In order to prevent the spread of the Covid virus and to ensure the health of our employees, our drivers and our customers, here are the measures implemented by our team.

To the customer:

  • The customer must not have any symptoms related to the Covid, otherwise the service will be refused;

  • Wearing a mask is strongly recommended;

  • The front passenger seat must always be free. The customer will therefore be invited to sit in the back of his vehicle during the entire ride;

  • Payment must exceptionally be made via credit card, regardless of the type of membership card.

For the driver:

  • The driver will disinfect his hands and wearing a mask is compulsory;

  • At all times, the driver will promote the greatest possible distance;

  • Direct contact between people (handshakes, braces) will be avoided;

  • The driver will ventilate the passenger compartment as often as possible;

  • If the passenger needs assistance in getting in and out of the vehicle, skin-to-skin contact will be avoided and hands should be washed afterwards. A brief intervention (less than 15 min.) within 2 meters, with the person, does not require additional measures.

For both parties:

  • Avoid sharing objects between drivers or customers (e.g. water bottles, cigarettes, etc.);

  • Cover your mouth and nose in your bent elbow when you cough or sneeze;

Finally, please note that contact between our drivers and our office workers will be minimized. In addition, we will ensure constant hygiene and disinfection measures at our offices.