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Terms of use

Please carefully read the terms of use and the privacy policy.

PZ8 can terminate its Terms or its Services in a general way, discontinue Services or any part of them or forbid their access, at any time and for any reason.

In the case of a divergence between the English and the French version of the Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy, the French version will prevail. The English version is provided for informational purposes only.



For all purposes, the following definitions apply:

  • PZ8 means Point Zero 8 Inc.

  • App means PZ8's Application available on mobile platforms.

  • Driver means the designated driver who will carry out the Ride in your vehicle.

  • Client means the member or the user who ordered the Service for him or herself and/or for a third party, and who benefits from rights and obligations planned by the Terms of Use.

  • Fee means the price given to the Client for his or her information when requesting a Ride.

  • Final fee means the price that will effectively be asked from the Client for the Ride.

  • Service / Ride means the Client's transport by PZ8 via the Driver.

  • Website means PZ8's website at ( available in French and in English.

  • Vehicle means the Client's vehicle which will be used during the Ride.



The Terms of Use determine the relation between PZ8 and the Client when using the designated drivers Service. These Terms of Use will prevail on all other previously agreed Terms.



a) Operation

PZ8 offers a designated drivers Service exclusive to members. The Service consists of driving the Client back in his or her Vehicle, we are not taxis.

The service is offered according to the evenings and times indicated on the home page of our website and are subject to change.

b) Local sector

PZ8's local sector is enumerated on the Website.

Starting from cities situated inside our local sector, PZ8 can drive the Client back to the destination of his or her choice.

For Rides starting from outside of our local sector, the Client's destination must be inside the local sector and a credit card number can be asked as guarantee.

PZ8 reserves the right to modify the local sector at any moment. PZ8 can suspend or terminate the Service at any moment and without notice, on all or a part of the territory.

c) Subscription

Subscription to PZ8 can be made by phone at 514-953-0008, on the Website or by mail. Your subscription is valid upon receiving payment. Purchasing any subscription constitutes a final sale (non-refundable, non-exchangeable).

d) Ride

Service is available on call at 514-953-0008 or through the App.

When requesting a Ride, either by phone or through the App, the Client must provide his or her membership number, name, the starting address and a phone number to join him or her. The Client must make sure of the accuracy of the information he or she gives PZ8.

Following the request, a team of 2 Drivers generally arrives in under 30 minutes, or more depending on how busy we are. A more precise time can be mentioned by phone. Upon arrival of the drivers, the Client is allowed a 10 minute waiting time in order to get ready to leave. After this time, waiting fees are $1,00 per minute, in addition to the cost of the Ride.

If the Service cannot be offered in the conditions specified during the request of the Ride, PZ8 will inform the Client. PZ8 will not be responsible if the Service cannot be offered, whatever the cause.

All calls made at 514-953-0008 are recorded for verification purposes and/or quality control.

e) Insurance

All Rides are covered by PZ8's liability insurance in case of an accident, an incident or a minor collision that the designated Driver is responsible for. PZ8's insurance liability amounts to 2 millions. If the designated Driver is held responsible for an accident or damage to the Client's Vehicle, PZ8's insurance covers the former, or a maximum of $50,000. If the Vehicle's value exceeds $50,000, the Client should inform his insurer in order to have an adequate insurance cover.

In the case where the designated Driver is implicated in an accident which he or she is not responsible for, an accident report must be completed with the person at fault.

PZ8's insurance does not cover accidents, incidents or minor collisions having been caused by the Driver who follows with his own Vehicle, in which case an accident report must be completed.

f) Reservation

The Client has the possibility to book a Ride at a precise time later on the same day. PZ8 does not guarantee that reservations are available every night.

PZ8 also does not guarantee that the Service will be available at the time chosen by the Client. In that case, the time of the reservation will be delayed without PZ8 being held responsible.

g) Unnecessary movement

If the Client is gone, does not show up or cannot be found by the Driver despite his or her efforts, the Service will be considered cancelled. Cancellation fees and waiting time will then be billed. If the Client cannot locate the Driver or needs help, he or she can contact PZ8 at 514-953-0008.

If the Client leaves without his or her vehicle, PZ8 cannot be held responsible for impaired driving. If PZ8 witnesses such a situation, he or she reserves the right to place a call to the police.

h) Cancellation fees

After the request of the Ride, cancellation fees are applicable if the Client decides to cancel the Service after more than 10 minutes. During a reservation, cancellation fees will be applicable if the Client cancels less than 30 minutes before the specified time of the reservation. The amount for the cancellation fees is a minimum of $25,00.

i) Itinerary

The Driver will choose the itinerary he or she considers to be the most appropriate. If the Client prefers another itinerary, he or she informs the Driver at the beginning of the Ride and the Driver can follow this itinerary, except if he or she considers it a detour.

j) Personal belongings

The Client's personal belongings are under the Client's responsibility, PZ8 will not be held responsible for any loss or deterioration of those belongings.

k) Passengers

The maximum number of passengers in the Vehicle (including the Driver) must not exceed the number of seatbelts in the Vehicle. The Driver or PZ8 reserves the right to refuse a passenger. The Driver or PZ8 reserves the right to refuse pets.

l) Use of a valid credit card

By specifying his or her bank account details, the Client agrees that the Final fee be withdrawn from his or her credit card after the end of the Service, with no further approval needed from the Client. If the credit card is not or no longer valid, the Client's membership will be temporarily deactivated.

m) Use of the App

The App aims to give you access to your member file and to proceed to the request of a Ride.

By using the App, the Client will be able to:

  • See his or her personal profile;

  • Change his or her address;

  • Request a Ride;

  • See his or her Ride's status;

  • Have access to the Approximate fee and then the Final fee;

  • See his other previous Rides;

  • Rate his or her appreciation for the Service

  • Etc.

To use the App, you must be a member of PZ8 and possess a mobile device. The App is downloadable on mobile platforms.

The use of the App itself is free, only the subscription and the Rides by means of the App are subjected to billing. The App sends an SMS when registering. Point Zero 8 does not charge for sending SMS, however, it may be that your operator charges you according to your subscription with them.

The App's software version can be updated from time to time to add new functions.

The Client must be a member of PZ8 to use the App and to have access to the Service and must respect its rules.

When using the App, the Client is notified that his or her personal information can be seen and displayed. It is then important that the Client makes sure to keep his or her login information confidential.

The Client agrees that the download and the use of the App is at his or her discretion. PZ8 will not be responsible for any consequence or technical problem resulting from it.

The Client must enter his or her correct access information to verify his or her identity. All electronic information sent to PZ8 through the App will be considered valid and authentic. The exchanges through the App will have the same value as telephone or written communication. PZ8 can refuse a request for a Ride or a profile modification. PZ8 can also cancel the Client's access (temporarily or definitively) if the Client does not respect the verification requirements.

If the Client loses the mobile on which the App is installed or gets it stolen, or if his access information gets stolen, the Client must immediately contact PZ8 by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. PZ8 is not responsible for the consequences of a theft or a loss.

The App is available (and not sold) for personal and non-commercial use only. The Client cannot copy, sell, transfer or commercially exploit the App.

n) Other

Alcohol and/or drug consumption is not allowed in the Vehicle during the Ride.

The Driver or PZ8 has the right to refuse to carry any passenger whose behavior constitutes a menace for the Driver, the Vehicle or any other passenger.

At any moment during the Service, the Client can decide to modify the final destination. In that case, the Client will be billed for the waiting time and the distance traveled.


Fees for the Rides: The base fare is $38.00 for 10 km and $1.80 per additional km (+ tax). To have an estimate of the fare, call us or use Google Maps by entering your starting point and the final destination, however the fare from PZ8 will prevail. Fees for the Rides are subject to modifications by PZ8 at any moment and without notice. Prices do not include toll bridge fees. GST and QST are applicable on all our products and services.

PZ8 can decide to modify its prices according to different criteria or to bill additional fees in certain circumstances, such as the payment method, the time of day, the city of the Service use, etc.

The Client can have an estimation of the Ride's fee when requesting the Ride, provided that the final destination is given as well as all of the stops or detours to drop someone off. The Final fee billed to the Client will be calculated when the Ride will be over. It can also be different if the Client asked for additional options: waiting, detours, change of destination, etc.

If the Client possesses an alcohol ignition interlock in his or her Vehicle, he or she must notify PZ8 when requesting the Ride. Additional fees of $15,00 will be billed for the Ride. The Client must provide a new mouthpiece to the Driver. PZ8 cannot be held responsible for fees generated by the alcohol ignition interlock during the Driver's handling.

The ride is payable only by credit card. Cash is accepted only as an exception or tip to drivers. Billing is available for companies. The Final fee billed to the Client will be calculated when the Ride is over and it will be payable at that moment. 

If PZ8 cannot debit the Client's account for whatever reason, the Client will be contacted. The Client will have to pay the due amount as soon as possible and before his or her next Ride.


PZ8 is committed to ensuring to the best of its abilities that the Services are provided to the Client in a secure and reliable manner.

PZ8 will not be responsible for errors or delays in the communication systems that are out of its control. PZ8 will not be responsible for technical problems pertaining to the use of Internet and telephone communications or for any other reason.

While PZ8 will do its best to ensure the punctuality of its Drivers, PZ8 will not be responsible for delays caused by circumstances out of its control (notably traffic, accidents, road work, temperature, etc).

PZ8 will not be responsible if, for any reason during the Ride, the Driver cannot fully exercise the Service asked by the Client.

All complaints or other necessary communication must be made by phone or by email in the 10 working days following the events that the request is based on. A timely complaint does not mean that PZ8 accepts or agrees with the content of such a complaint, nor will it have a positive view in response. PZ8 reserves the right to reply or not to such a request.

The Client will be responsible for any damage caused by him or her, or the people with him or her, of the Driver's Vehicle. The Client will be consequently billed for any repair or cleaning necessary to restore the Vehicle's condition.


The Terms of Use must be interpreted in a way that is valid under the applicable law. In the event where one of the clauses of the Terms of Use is judged invalid, that clause will not discredit the others, except if such an interpretation was unreasonable.


Any delay or failure by PZ8 to secure its rights as to the Terms of Use cannot be interpreted as a renunciation of its disposition, nor affect in any way the validity of the Terms of Use.



The following text explains the privacy policy concerning the gathering, retention, use and disclosure of your information collected through the Website, by phone or through the App.


When you become a member of PZ8, you create a profile in the App or you request a Ride, we collect the personal information that you provide, such as your name, your address, your date of birth, your email address, etc.

Marketing by email: With your permission, we could send you emails about our promotions or other updates.


When you provide us with personal information to conclude a transaction or when you request a Ride, we presume that you consent to us collecting your information and that we will use it for that purpose only.


We can disclose your personal information if the law requires us to do so or if you violate our Terms of Use.


Your data is stored in PZ8's database storage system. Your data is preserved on a secure server protected by a firewall.


If you pay your Ride through the App, in that case PZ8 will stock your credit card information. That information is encrypted using renowned encryption standards.

If you make a payment through Paypal, PZ8 will not have access to your credit card information. For more information, we recommend that you read their privacy policy.


Generally, third party providers that we use will only collect, use and disclose your information as necessary to execute the services they provide.

The App can employ third-party companies and individuals for the following reasons:

  • Facilitate our Service;

  • Provide the service in our name;

  • Carry out services related to the Service;

  • Help us analyze the usage of our Service.

We want to inform the App’s users that these third parties have access to your personal information. The cause is to perform the tasks assigned to them on our behalf. However, they must not disclose or use that information for other purposes.


To protect your personal data, we take suitable precautions and we use the best methods to make sure that they are not lost, consulted, modified or destroyed in an inappropriate way. It should be specified that no security procedure is 100% safe. In case of a breach of security of your personal information, we will inform you as soon as possible.


The App contains protected information and elements belonging to PZ8 or its subcontractors who are protected by intellectual property. The Client acknowledges that he or she must not use this information, except for the use of the App. No part of the App can be replicated and the Client cannot sell, distribute or create derived products based on the App.


Cookies are only used for the purpose of navigating the App.


When you use the App, we are susceptible to collecting information related to your geographical position. With your consent, we can also collect information on your exact position with the help of different methods such as GPS, wireless networks, mobile phone relay antennas, Wi-Fi access points and other detectors (gyroscopes, accelerometer and compasses).


We want to inform you that each time you use the App, in case of anomaly in the app we collect data and information (through third-party products) on your calling log data. This log data can include information such as your device’s IP address, the device name, the operating system version, the app’s configuration when using the App, the time and date of service usage and other statistics.


If you wish to access, correct, modify or delete any personal information that we have about you, file a complaint, or if you simply wish to receive more information, contact us at 514-953-0008, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view or by mail at Point Zero 8 inc. 6966 Jarry East, 2nd floor, St-Leonard, Quebec, H1P 3C1.