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Frequently asked questions

Yes. In fact, you must either possess a Point Zero 8 personal membership card, be in a licensed establishment that offers the service to its clientele or take part in an event that offers the service to its guests.

No. The LIFETIME personal membership card is payable only once when buying it and it will be valid FOR LIFE.

Yes. There is always a fare for the ride. The fare varies depending on the distance traveled with the driver; the base fare is $38.00 for 10 km and $1.80 per additional km (+ tax). Additional fees could be asked for during a detour, also when you make the drivers wait upon their arrival (the first 10 minutes are free, after this timeframe it costs $1.00 a minute) or if you have the alcohol ignition interlock in your vehicle (additional $15.00). The tip for the drivers is at your discretion.

The rides are payable by credit card. Cash is accepted only as an exception or a tip. Also, according to the type of membership card that you have, it is possible to bill the rides to a company.

No. The service consists of driving you back in your vehicle. We are not taxis.

Yes. You must simply make sure that there is a seatbelt for each passenger and our driver.

Yes. All of our designated drivers are able to drive manual.

Yes. Our drivers are able to start a car equipped with an alcohol ignition interlock; you must mention it when requesting the ride and you must have a new mouthpiece for the driver. (additional $15.00)

If you possess a personal REGULAR membership card, you can only offer the service to guests leaving your home address.

If you possess a personal PLATINUM membership card, you can offer the service to guests leaving your home address or to a person accompanying you, no matter where you are. (limit 1 friend per evening)

If you possess a membership card joined to a company, you can offer the service to a person accompanying you, no matter where you are. (limit 1 friend per evening)

If you possess a card joined to a licensed establishment, you can offer the service to all clients of the establishment.

No. The membership card is a personal membership card. We regularly offer discounts for additional cards.

We ask that you allow 30 to 60 minutes, the delay depends on the availability of the drivers, traffic, detours and weather. Please note that we have a higher call rate between 1 AM and 3 AM; be patient, thank you. The delay could be higher during the holidays between November 15 and December 31. Do not hesitate to check the timeframe on the mobile application.

Depending on if the request of your ride was given to one of our teams, a minimum fee of $25 could be required before using the service again. Please call us before leaving.

The designated drivers service is offered all year long. SPECIAL SCHEDULE : The service is offered according to the evenings and times indicated on the home page of our website and are subject to change.The administration is open from Monday to Friday, from 10:00AM to 5:00PM, closed on public holidays.

Yes. You can make a reservation for the same evening by calling after 6 PM. Please note that we prefer not to take any reservations on busy nights, for example, during the holiday season. Also, the time of arrival of the team may differ from the time of your reservation.